First in a while….

I walk, miles at a time,

but only in my mind,

It seems the worlds design

Relies on us find,

But what,

I don’t know

Because in my search I’m blind

So I put my hands out and I just begin to climb.

And though I may slip n descend into a bottem less pit

Something always catches me before I lose my shit.

And then epiphany hits like the bullet from a clip

So the next time I climb I’m higher before I slip.

Because the thing I am searching for is not a thing at all

Because searching for things leaves us wanting more

These things we want, objects of our desire,

fleeting feelings causing emotions to transpire,

are merely just distractions from climbing higher

I must clear my mind or fall like I did prior.

See the truth is there is nothing to find

the bottomless pits are cages of the mind

So rather than focusing on the possession of objects

I’ll keep climbing till I am more than desires complex.