Which way? 

Staring into nothingness as my mind wondersI see so much that my mind thunders

And sometimes I feel so trapped I tumble through traps

Life telling me I should be doing this and that

So do your studies young man it’s essential

Then go to uni because you have potential

Then get married and up your financial, buy a house and get a job make sure you get dental.

But what if I don’t want to take the road most travelled

What if I’d prefer to see what’s out there and travel

What if my opportunities differ to yours

What if I chose to just take a pause

Then does that suddenly make me essentially flawed.

Because you think I’m wasting time because I’m bored

Does my voice suddenly get drowned to whisper 

because your ideology was not my kismet

Or am I allowed to let go and be free  

Am I allowed to to say fuck it and just be me…


Prison Cells

I don’t like confined spaces
I was misunderstood and they locked me up 

I was lost and confused and they didn’t give a fuck

My colour, my religion, just more categories in which to them I’m insufficient.

Stop and search has made me hate the system

Little brown boy is just another victim

I thought we had developed 

beyond judgement of colour 

But it seems me and mine are just born to suffer

Traces of the empire try to collapse us

 like I say, I will stand, against your hatred, because every time you throw me in a cell, I am,

Fully aware, of your judgements, 

I don’t like confined spaces, 

24 hours no phone call, the inhumanity of a metal box,

 I hate confined spaces,

 isolated from the world, from my fellow man

Can I plead my case, of course you can, lies.

Because Innocence, does it exist,

You were in that place you must have been causing shit. 

That’s what they tell me so I feel like a prick.

Unfair, unequal, unjustified.

You judged me based on some other guy, who looked like me with a beard and a backpack, 

you judged him based on some other person, not considering who your stereotype is hurting, 

your judgements cause problems, create fears.

I don’t like confined spaces

But I’ve been backed into a corner and I’ll come out swinging