Survive and adapt 

I would like to take you through my life, here’s some size 11s you should lace them up tight because where we are going we run through the night and where we end up is so far out of sight.

 Today I can look up and thank the stars because a few years ago my life was pushing me behind bars, fear was not a concept I could understand and now fear I understand but I fear no man. 

Try standing on the corner hustling for something extra, try moving weight to get a little paper. Try feeling there’s no hope and no escape try feeling like the system was designed so you could fail. 

Try being me and clawing your way out, try loosing friends because you began to doubt. Try explaining that you were just kids, and the shit you did then was just a means to an end. 

You see adversity doesn’t hold us back, it’s a lack of belief that keeps us off track.

So I could have been another statistic, brown boy born of poverty and mischief.

And it wasn’t till I realised they made us a gimmick that I rose up and decided to kill it.



Light beams and galaxies

Star upon star 

For each and every soul there is a story from the start 

And for all the worlds that do exist I was born on ours

The ever expanding universe didn’t stop us from crossing paths

I don’t think I believed in it, not in the sense I do now.

See you made me a believer and I still don’t know how.

I could have been a being born a billion light years away,

Instead I was simply a nomad from a slightly different place.

And though my tough exterior always helped me to hide away,

You came and took away my mask so you could see my face.

I never intended to fall in love with a girl from across the sea.

But the content of your heart and soul encapsulated me.

See I could have been a being from a few light years away,

But the universe conspired for me to love you in this time and place.

It’s just love…

I stare into the sun, it blinds me, but not as much as when I stare into your eyes

You see before you, I was merely a mortal, bound to the laws of man. 

Yet around you I am a supreme being, bound to no law of any kind.

It’s as if the universe conspired for us to meet, conspired for me to be raised of my feet and float towards you on a cloud of hopes and dreams.

Now love is complex and I am no scholar, simply a man who extends his love with honour, 

Love is beyond our understanding yet it’s vital, and yes I love my people, but loving you has been insightful.

See love builds resilience, love builds strength, love is born from brilliance, but love has no sense, 

Love can heal the world they say but it’s not the worlds love I’m looking for, see my dear when I found I loved you It was something more, 

more than the love I could feel for any moment in time, 

love for more than the words on this page which guide you through my mind.

 Love is more than understanding it’s not knowing but trusting.

Love is more than demanding, it wants all or nothing. 

I could say that I love you a million times over, but really words don’t justify because love leaves you far from sober. 

Love is the fool it’s ridiculous it leaves it’s self open. 

 Love is beyond real and beyond all rational thinking, love is strong and love is fixed and love also broken, 

love is like the perfect wound, love is always open, my love for you is more than words it burns hot like molten 

and I will keep on loving you after my last word is spoken.

The search for the perfect

Perfection as an aim is worse than mining fools gold,

Perfection is a fools goal

Yet we ask ourselves to strive to be more than whole,

Really who are we kidding we’re just left with holes.

I choose the path which enriches my soul, 

Nurture the mind, store the truth and manifest my goals.

I pray to the universe that I’m kept in the fold, that I’ll remain bold that I’ll never turn cold.

You can press me for something more than the truth, 

I wear my heart on my sleeve so my motives have proof.

I may not be perfect but I have more than most do and my imperfections my perfection, what about you? 

Your eyes

Windows to the soul, that’s what they’re called.

Your eyes, dark pools of beauty, they speak to me.

I stare at you, gazing, longingly, I see past the iris, your eyes speak to me.

I feel naked around you, because you look inside me, your eyes reveal you, but they also reveal me

They see the man I am, beyond what I show, they express your love, more than you know.

Your eyes like onyx, gleaming in the light.

I love your eyes, because as we look at one another, our souls take flight.

So when I glance at you, and our eyes meet, I can be sure our souls speak, just you and me.


Eyes tell stories that the lips dare not utter

Eyes reveal more than the morning sun

You can stare into mine and see from where I’ve come 

and where I’ll go

they will show when I’ve gone.

You see the pain, the sorrow, the hopes of tomorrow. 

The life,

 the death, 

the knowledge that I’m blessed, 

eyes show it all they reveal that depth. 

Eyes show each thought that manifests.

Behind the veil Pt. 2

Hidden passages scribbled on the walls of my soul

This invisible ink hidden from all

In plain sight but did any really see

I hid behind the veil so they only saw part of me 

Then you appeared in my vision, carrying the key, 

Unlocking the doors to find more then what most see.

Darkness lit by the brightness of your aura

Ready to find my true self and bring me out of my corner

You touched the walls of my soul and revealed all that was locked away

And when you saw me in plain sight, you chose to bring me from darkness into day.