It’s just love…

I stare into the sun, it blinds me, but not as much as when I stare into your eyes

You see before you, I was merely a mortal, bound to the laws of man. 

Yet around you I am a supreme being, bound to no law of any kind.

It’s as if the universe conspired for us to meet, conspired for me to be raised of my feet and float towards you on a cloud of hopes and dreams.

Now love is complex and I am no scholar, simply a man who extends his love with honour, 

Love is beyond our understanding yet it’s vital, and yes I love my people, but loving you has been insightful.

See love builds resilience, love builds strength, love is born from brilliance, but love has no sense, 

Love can heal the world they say but it’s not the worlds love I’m looking for, see my dear when I found I loved you It was something more, 

more than the love I could feel for any moment in time, 

love for more than the words on this page which guide you through my mind.

 Love is more than understanding it’s not knowing but trusting.

Love is more than demanding, it wants all or nothing. 

I could say that I love you a million times over, but really words don’t justify because love leaves you far from sober. 

Love is the fool it’s ridiculous it leaves it’s self open. 

 Love is beyond real and beyond all rational thinking, love is strong and love is fixed and love also broken, 

love is like the perfect wound, love is always open, my love for you is more than words it burns hot like molten 

and I will keep on loving you after my last word is spoken.


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