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Prison Cells

I don’t like confined spaces
I was misunderstood and they locked me up 

I was lost and confused and they didn’t give a fuck

My colour, my religion, just more categories in which to them I’m insufficient.

Stop and search has made me hate the system

Little brown boy is just another victim

I thought we had developed 

beyond judgement of colour 

But it seems me and mine are just born to suffer

Traces of the empire try to collapse us

 like I say, I will stand, against your hatred, because every time you throw me in a cell, I am,

Fully aware, of your judgements, 

I don’t like confined spaces, 

24 hours no phone call, the inhumanity of a metal box,

 I hate confined spaces,

 isolated from the world, from my fellow man

Can I plead my case, of course you can, lies.

Because Innocence, does it exist,

You were in that place you must have been causing shit. 

That’s what they tell me so I feel like a prick.

Unfair, unequal, unjustified.

You judged me based on some other guy, who looked like me with a beard and a backpack, 

you judged him based on some other person, not considering who your stereotype is hurting, 

your judgements cause problems, create fears.

I don’t like confined spaces

But I’ve been backed into a corner and I’ll come out swinging