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My community 

My community is more than just me, it stretches as far as the eyes can see

My community is more than my kin, it’s made up of the righteous and those filled with sin.

My community has no ethnicity, we represent the world collectively.

My community is made up of boys on the block, even those dudes hustling and shooting rock

My community has suits and the boys in blue, it has teachers and doctors and the children still in school.

My community has no politics you must follow we exist in peace and love so there is no need for sorrow.

My community has no warring factions, you and you alone are responsible for your actions.

My community doesn’t accept discrimination, but if you’re scared of us we’re happy to be patient.

My community is build on strong foundations, we believe in equality across all nations.

My community allows all to thrive because to hold back one person is to hold back their life.

My community, we exist in peace, because when there is only love, then we don’t have to consider defeat.

My community, is open to everybody, we breath and bleed the same so let’s exist in equality.


Prison Cells

I don’t like confined spaces
I was misunderstood and they locked me up 

I was lost and confused and they didn’t give a fuck

My colour, my religion, just more categories in which to them I’m insufficient.

Stop and search has made me hate the system

Little brown boy is just another victim

I thought we had developed 

beyond judgement of colour 

But it seems me and mine are just born to suffer

Traces of the empire try to collapse us

 like I say, I will stand, against your hatred, because every time you throw me in a cell, I am,

Fully aware, of your judgements, 

I don’t like confined spaces, 

24 hours no phone call, the inhumanity of a metal box,

 I hate confined spaces,

 isolated from the world, from my fellow man

Can I plead my case, of course you can, lies.

Because Innocence, does it exist,

You were in that place you must have been causing shit. 

That’s what they tell me so I feel like a prick.

Unfair, unequal, unjustified.

You judged me based on some other guy, who looked like me with a beard and a backpack, 

you judged him based on some other person, not considering who your stereotype is hurting, 

your judgements cause problems, create fears.

I don’t like confined spaces

But I’ve been backed into a corner and I’ll come out swinging